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    Earth is not alone in the cosmos when it comes to intelligent life from beyond this world. this group is designed to show you how this is being played out and how ancient and or post modern technology has influenced us to where we are today as a planetary species on Earth awakening to a cosmic reality.
    Posted by Elshara Silverheart on November 12, 2015
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    Metaphysical Library

    This is a place where we can give and receive information that's easily digestible by everyone of all skill levels.Even if it's short and sweet, or long and endearing. We gather where the mind, the heart and the soul is open to guidance and creativity.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Occult 'World of the hidden'

    A place to study the deeper meaning of life's mysteries. The Occult means hidden, secret, stuff that isn't shared because it would shake the established beliefs of people, that's how I view the idea.
    This group doesn't follow the Polarity, everything is...  more
    led by Zamora Hutaki

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    Galactic Star Hub

    Where star sight meets soul vision.We exist as an axis point to connect with all forms of creation. As the Terran veil lifts, we are rebuilding using conscious ascension to bring soular awareness from psychic knowledge to Earth. Just like the empire of...  more
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Awakening From The Veil

    Awakening from the veil is a collection of messages delivered in the form of visual thoughts that stand out to your soul. Operating as a part of a larger puzzle once you mentally zoom in on them.Here we share our own. Setup in the format of personal,...  more
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Health Is Wealth

    Having a balanced body is important to everything you do while your spirit is on Earth incarnated in physical form.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Role Play

    Come here to be who you want to be if you feel it is time to explore the meaning of identity.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Star Travel

    This group explores the possibility of star travel in multiple ways.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Daily Philosophy

    Philosophy is the study of the theories of the universe. Share and explore your beliefs in the realm of possibilities with others who understand what it means to be a theoretical knowledge base. Path finders and other seekers of information are welcome.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Spiritual Poetry

    Express yourself lyrically.
    led by Amariah Ashitar

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    Welcome Center

    Share greetings and appreciation. Help others find their way around.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Alternative Earth

    Alternative Earth is where nature is in control of the planet and its resources. We the people inhabit all things fairly and creatively belonging to such a place.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Psychic Abilities

    Psychic abilities are a means to bridge your spiritual, physical and environmental consciousness together becoming a super self.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    A lightworker is a type of starseed whose consciousness is here to do one thing. Support Earth and all people on the planet to coexist in love.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    A starseed is a soul conscious of living in another time while existing in a body on Earth.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    What are your intentions now?
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Unidentified flying objects around Earth.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Animal Lovers

    Lets protect all living things in this world. Humans are animals with an adult intelligence. Animals come in all shapes and sizes, we all have love in common.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Sharing unconditional love for all beings as equals.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Red Alerts

    Red alerts will warn you about aspects of our society that is considered dangerous, false advertising promises, local things to be wear of and to give you the tools to prevent attacks of this nature if you are faced with them. The wish is to guide people...  more
    led by Elshara Silverheart